How To Repair A Bleached Hair - 11 Simple Things To Do That Still Works

Its true!

Trying to repair a bleached hair is hard!

Hope I didn't scare you there?(lol)

Truth be told, repairing a bleached is a little bit hard but it becomes very simple when you know what to do.

In today's article I will be showing the exact things you should do if you want your bleached hair repaired naturally.

But there's something you would do for me..

Try to take action after reading this, so that your hair doesn't become angry at you.

Let's move on.


#1.           Go The Deep Conditioning Route.

You heard me well!

A bleached hair lacks moisture and that's the reason it looks so dried and messed up with different tones on your hair..

To repair your bleached hair, you need to go the deep conditioning route.

I know you're scared of spending your money and that's why I did a little research and found the perfect thing you should use to deep condition your bleached hair.

What's that?

Avocado + Egg Mixture.

This awesome mixture serves as a great deep conditioner and also gives your hair some other natural nutrients needed for a healthy hair. Here's how to get your own natural deep conditioner ready:

Items Needed.

•       One Ripe Avocado.

•       One Egg Yolk.


Step 1.         Mash your ripe avocado into a smooth paste.

Step 2.          Mix the mashed avocado with the egg yolk.

Step 3.           Make the bleached hair wet.

Step 4.           Apply the mixture on your hair and massage for 5 minutes.

Step 5.           Leave on your hair for 25 minutes and rinse off with lukewarm water.

That's all.

Easy right? Doing this once a week or periodically is one of the best step to getting a bleached hair repaired.

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#2.           Stop Washing Your Hair!

Did I just say that?  

Ya, I did.

But I don't mean you should stop washing your hair totally, what I meant with that statement is that you should minimize the way you wash your hair.

I know washing your hair frequently can be tempting but if you decide to fall for that temptation then you are putting your hair into serious problems like:

Keeping your hair unmoisturized and lacking essential/natural oils.

Instead of washing your hair everyday, you should just do it once or twice a week, that way, your hair will still be safe and healthy.

Important tip: Make sure to use only dry hair shampoos to wash and also try to avoid adding any styling products.

This will get your bleached hair repaired without you even knowing.

#3.           Hit Your Hair Hard With Homemade Recipes.

If you know me or have gone through my posts, you'll know I'm a lover of natural treatments(maybe its because my mum uses them a lot๐Ÿ˜).

When it comes to bleached hair repair, trying a little bit of home made or natural remedies is something you should never skip.

In here, I will be sharing with you 4 simple remedies as recommended by local and international experts in the hair care field.

Some of these remedies are adorable while some are uglorable(๐Ÿ˜‚) but in the end, they all work.

Here they are;

•           The Sweet Coconut Remedy.


You know of coconut oil, right? What about honey?

If you know the two of them then get ready to repair that bleached hair using these two friends.

Having a double mind on whether to use or not to use this remedy? Here's the benefit of using this bleached hair treatment:

Your hair becomes naturally moisturized and your hair becomes resistant to dandruff and itchy scalp.

If that doesn't still convince you, then forget about it(๐Ÿ˜ฏ).

Let's move down to the preparation of this bleached hair treatment:

•             The Sweet Coconut Treatment.

Items Needed.

•         ¼  Cup Of Pure Honey.

•         ¼  Cup Of Pure Coconut Oil.

•         A Good Hair Shampoo(Sulfate Free).

•         A Mixing Bowl(very important๐Ÿ˜).


Step 1.           Mix ¼ cup of coconut oil and honey together in a bowl.

Step 2.           Apply this mixture on your hair.

Step 3.           Massage your hair gently using this mixture.

Step 4.            Leave this mixture on your hair for about one hour or more (one hour preferably).

Step 5.            Wash off this mixture using the hair shampoo and finally rinse.

That's it! Very easy, right?

•           The Mayonnaise Treatment.

You have probably heard of this or might have used it, right?

One thing I like about this baby(๐Ÿ˜‚) is that it is unique and does more work than just repairing a bleached hair.

Another important use of mayonnaise is in the area of hair breakage. It deals with that hair problem like a karate master.

To cut the long talk short, here's how to use this bleached hair treatment:

Step 1.            Make your hair wet.

Step 2.            Apply a spoonful of mayonnaise on your wet hair.

Step 3.            Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave this mixture inside for 15 minutes.

Step 4.             Rinse off with lukewarm water.

After doing this, your hair will become shiny and lighter.

•           The Silly Egg Treatment.

Hahaha. What's wrong with me?

I just formed that name but the main constituents of this treatment is egg yolk + hair shampoo.

Its very simple and straightforward treatment, here's how its prepared and used:

Step 1.         Pour the raw yolk gotten from the egg into your hair shampoo and shake very well.

Step 2.          Wash your hair with this mixture for two weeks(two times a week).

Simple as that!

What does this do for my hair?

It simply restores moisture to your hair and  also repairs the bleach damaged parts.

•           The Strong Oil Treatment.

This is another light treatment for a bleached hair. It simply involves making use of either olive oil or argan oil.

Here's how to use this as treatment for bleached hair:

Items Needed.

•       ½ Cup Of Argan Or Olive Oil.

•        A Plastic Hair Wrap.

•        Your Towel.


Step 1.          Take ½ cup of either argan or olive oil and apply on your hair.

Step 2.           Massage your scalp/hair with this oil for 3 minutes and wrap your hair with the plastic hair wrap and finally, tie the towel round your hair.

Step 3.           Leave this mixture on your hair for one (1) hour before shampooing your hair.

Step 4.            Rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

That's all.

Fast, right?

•              Fresh Banana's Home Made Recipe.

Items Needed.

•         Ripe Banana.

•         Castor Oil.

•          Pure Honey.


Step 1.         Mix all of the above ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

Step 2.         Apply on your hair and avoid applying it on the roots.

Step 3.         Leave this mixture on your hair for 35 minutes and finally wash it off with your hair shampoo.

Using any of these natural treatments to repair a damaged bleached hair will certainly give you great results and your hair will be back to its original status.

#4.           Stop Using Hot Water On Your Hair.

When it comes to repairing a bleached hair, avoiding hot water can be the best thing you can do for your hair.

I see lots of people making this mistake, thinking that the hot water will wash off the bleach or dye on the hair(I hope you are not among them?).

 Washing your bleached hair with hot water those one evil thing, which is :

It keeps your hair dehydrated!

Even though you use the best hair moisturizer on earth, once you apply hot water on your hair, the moisture runs away and thereby keeps your hair in the same condition.

#5.           Say No To Blow Drying And Ironing Your Hair.

Like I've always said, the best thing you can do for your hair is to set it far from heat.

Blow dryers and its counterparts are very dangerous and it puts your hair to more threat especially if it recently got damaged by bleach.

Here's what a local hair care expert and hair stylist said about using blow dryers or heat on a bleached damaged hair:

You just got your hair damaged and now you're still thinking of using blow dryers and other heat styling tools on that same hair. Don't you have a conscience?

Have you answered the question?

As your hair has been damaged by bleach, its best to abstain from using heat styling tools especially if you're ready to repair that bleached hair.

#6.           Start Using A Cleansing Conditioner Instead Of A Regular Hair Shampoo.

Shampoos are great and very helpful in washing your hair but at the same time it's very dangerous.

Don't get me wrong though cos not all hair shampoo are bad but using a regular hair shampoo on a bleach damaged hair is not ideal at all.

Instead of using them, you can simply go for good cleansing conditioners like that made from coconut as they do the following:

•        Cleans your hair without making it look dry.

•         Provides more moisture for your hair(necessary and important in the repair of a bleach damaged hair).

If you know you can't do without a hair shampoo then making use of only sulfate free hair shampoos is what I would recommend for you and it is ideal for washing a bleached hair.

#7.           Stay Away From Harsh Hair Ties.

When it comes to treating a bleached hair, this part is widely neglected(and I don't know why!).

As you know, a damaged hair is kinda messy/free and when an external force like strong hair ties or rubber bands is applied on the hair it causes it to break or shrink.

Its not bad to use hair ties or bands especially if you're a working class lady but using strong or harsh hair ties/bands is where the problem lies.

What I'd advice you to do is to find loose, stretchy and less tight hair ties/hair bands and be using them to tie your hair.

Also, whenever you want to pull off the bands or hair ties, do it gently, so you don't end up pulling your hair along.

#8.           Get A Clean Hair Cut.

At this point, you need a clean hair cut.

I don't mean you should go and shave all your hair and end up looking like a tortoise (๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜‚).

Trimming some part of your hair is ideal and is very effect when trying to repair the damaged hair.

Trimming or having a clean hair cut at least three times in a year not only helps your damaged hair but it also helps in growing a healthy hair too.

I agree that going to the salon might be too expensive but making that sacrifice for your hair is good.

Also if you would love to do it by yourself, simply get a good scissors(and make sure you're good with scissors) and begin trimming in front of a mirror.

#9.           Make Use Of Semi Permanent Dyes.

Wondering what they are?

They are simply hair dyes which doesn't bleach your hair or are ammonia free.

How Do I Use Them?

Simply mix this dye together with your hair  conditioner whenever you want to use it and don't use it more than two times a year, (that is, once in six months).

Its just as simple as that bit only use it after you've follow tip #1--#8.


#10.            Avoid Getting Involved In  Touch-Ups .

This is very tempting especially when you begin to notice little growth in your hair.

Here's what our friends at Aviva Hair said about this:

The more bleach you put in your hair, the worse off you’ll be. Especially for girls that are looking to grow out their locks, just let the roots show for a bit.

My advice for you is that you should try to avoid touch ups.

#11.            Always Brush Your Hair Carefully.

A bleached hair is prone to getting damaged easily and one of the common things attached to a bleached damaged hair is hair breakage.

If you are currently battling with bleached damage hair then brushing your hair when its dry is one thing you must follow carefully.

Also, try to detangle your hair with a wide toothed hair comb.

Phew! I've succeeded in sharing with you the easy things you can do to repair a bleached hair even if you don't know a hair stylist.

I'm not going to promise you that your bleached hair will get repaired overnight with these tips but if you follow them consistently and with patience, in no time, your hair will be back to normal.

Before you leave, try to checkout the most common questions and answers related to treating a bleached hair.


Q1.         What Are The Signs Of A Bleached Damaged Hair?

Ans:      1.      Your hair doesn't get dried on time after washing it.

              2.       Your hair falls off or cuts easily especially when brushing.

              3.        Your hair easily gets tangled when it becomes dry.

These are the few signs that your hair has been damaged by bleached. If you follow all that I've said above then this shouldn't bother you.

Q2.         Can An Over Bleached Hair Be Repaired?

Ans:        Yes! By simply following all my tips here, you can do it. Also, to repair an over bleached hair you'll need to follow a protein treatment regularly.

That's all for today my friend!

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