7 Best Home Remedies For Grey Hair That Works (2019 Update)

I certainly understand what you are trying to tell me.

You are tired of seeing your hair being grey while you are still young.

Knowing the reason why your hair is grey can be hard a times but not this time.

To make you happy, I will be sharing with you some of the best and working home remedies for grey hair you should apply on your hair.

Let's move on.


Come closer let me show you things that works.

Here they are:

1.            Lemon Juice + Coconut Oil.

Based on a recent research I did, I found out that grey hair is partially as a result of high body heat and one of the effective home remedy that can stop this is coconut oil + lemon juice.

As you know or might have heard of, coconut oil is very good and has a lot of nutrients that your hair needs in dealing with lots of hair problems like dandruff, bleach damaged hair etc. While lemon juice contains vitamins which can help to strengthen your scalp and also promote hair growth.

Its a very simple and easy recipe that serves as a good grey hair treatment.

Here's how to make and use this on your grey hair:

Items Needed.

•        1 Tablespoon of coconut oil.

•        1 Tablespoon of lemon juice(You can make this by blending or squeezing the lemon).

•         A mild hair shampoo.


Step 1.           Mix one tablespoon each of Coconut oil and lemon juice together in a mixing bowl.

Step 2.            Apply this mixture on your hair from the roots of your hair down to tip.

Step 3.             Massage your hair with this mixture for 5 minutes.

Step 4.              Cover your hair with a cellophane for 2 hours to allow the mixture soak on your hair.

Step 5.               Wash your hair with your mild hair shampoo and finally condition it with a good hair conditioner.

Note: Make Sure You Do This In The Evening When The Sun Is Down Because The Sun Can Have Harsh Effect On Your Hair When This Mixture Is Still Active On It.

Number Of Times To Use This.

•   Twice a week.

How To Straighten Your Natural Hair When You're Scared Of Heat.

2.            Camphor + Coconut Oil.

Known for its various benefits, camphor is a working grey hair home remedy you can try.

Aside using it to treat grey hair, you can also use it as a pain reliever and also for dealing with other hair problems like dandruff, hair loss and for patching bald spots.

Here's a step by step process on how to use camphor as a grey hair home remedy:

Items Needed.

•         Virgin Coconut Oil.

•          An Hibiscus Flower.

•         2 Camphor Balls or Tablets.


Step 1.          Boil the hibiscus flower and coconut oil.

Step 2.           Add two balls of camphor into the mixture(after turning off the heat).

Step 3.           Wait for the mixture to cool off .

Step 4.           Massage your scalp and hair using this mixture.

Step 5.            Leave this mixture on your hair for 15 minutes.

Step 6.             Wash off and rinse then allow it to air dry.

Number Of Times To Use This.

•      Make sure you do this regularly or daily for 2 months.

3.            Chamomile Tea.

Here comes another effective grey hair home remedy that works well but its not really for everyone especially people are allergic to it.

Chamomile contains a special substance which can give your hair a golden tint and also help to deal with a dry scalp + dandruff infected hair.

Here's the step by step process on how to use chamomile to treat grey hair:

Items Needed.

•         Chamomile flower.

•          1½ cup of water.

How To Make This:

Step 1.        Boil little amounts of water.

Step 2.         Add the chamomile flower to the boiling water and reduce the heat.

Step 3.          Cause the mixture to simmer for 15 minutes and then remove from heat.

Step 4.           Let the mixture soak and cool while covered.

Step 5.            Filter to get the liquid from the mixture.

How To Use This Home Remedy:

Step 1.           Pour out the extracted mixture on your hair and allow it to stay on your hair for 15 minutes.

Step 2.            Wash it off from your hair or better still let it air dry on your hair.

Number Of Times To Use This.

•          Twice a week for quick results.

4.            The Heavenly Fruit.

(Wondering what the heck is the heavenly fruit 😮😐)...

Its something you already know but if you don't know what it is, here it is:


I'm sure you now remember?

Amla is also known as fruit of heaven and the name was gotten from the word 'AMLAKI'.

According to researches and expert talks, this fruit is one of the best anti aging herbs known on earth(not really).

Here's a little of what it does on the hair and the body:

•            Strengthens your hair follicles.

•            Deals with the bacteria's and infections responsible for early greying of hair.

•             Makes hair darker and thicker.

•             Deals with excess heat in the body(for people who normal suffers from excess heat).

These should be able to convince you that this fruit is truly heavenly.

Now, let's get back on how to use this as a  home remedy for grey hair.

There are several ways to use this but I will be showing you the two most effective ways to use amla to treat grey hair:

Method 1.

•       By Drinking Freshly Made Amla Fruit Juice:


>.      Reverse grey hair.

>.      Bring a shine to your skin.

>.      Keeps you healthy.

That's it. It works and will help you if you do so or you can follow method 2.

Method 2. 

•           By Massaging Your Hair With Home Made Amla Oil:

This also very effective. 

In case you don't know how to get the oil, here's how to make your own:

Read It >> Home Made Amla Oil - Step By Step Tutorials.


>.       Restores moisture to your hair.

>.       Conditions your hair and scalp.

>.       Reverses grey hair.

These are just the working ways to use amla fruit as a  home remedy for grey hair.

It works!

Number Of Times To Use.

•         Twice a week.

5.            Wheat Grass.

Wheat grass is one powerful natural remedy created specifically for grey hair.

This plant contains vitamins like vitamin A, B-complex and some other compounds like iodine, iron, calcium etc.

Some other benefits of this awesome plant includes:

•      Gets rid of wrinkles.

•       Deals with arthritis.

•       Gets rid of eczema etc.

With all of the above said, here's the step by step process on how to use this plant:

Items Needed.

•        Ready - Made Wheat Grass Powder.

•        Water.


Step 1.      Get your own wheat grass powder.

Step 2.       Pour into a cup containing water and mix gently.

Step 3.        Drink it.

That's it!

You can also pour the powder into your soup or smoothie if you feel it will be hard for you to absorb with water.

Number Of Times To Use.

•        Once a week.

6.            Curry Leaf Mask.

According to people who have tried this, it is said that curry leaves are one of the oldest remedy for grey hair.

This natures gift contains fantastic vitamins and some minerals which helps to change your hair from grey to normal and also strengthen your hair follicles.

Here's how to use the curry leaf mask for reversing grey hair growth:

Step 1.          Make a paste using ¼ cup of fresh curry leaves.

Step 2.           Mix this paste with ½ cup of fresh yoghurt.

Step 3.            Rub this mixture on your scalp and your hair gently.

Step 4.            Leave this mixture on your hair for 25 minutes before washing off.

Step 5.            Rinse your hair with water and air dry.

That's all.

Some other benefits of this leaf includes:

•         Regulates blood sugar.

•         Lowers your cholesterol etc.

I'm sure you can now see that the curry leaf you neglect is a perfect solution for grey hair, right?

Number Of Times To Use.

•         Once In 2 Weeks.

7.            Onion Juice.

You've heard about it before, right?

Onion juice is one of the top oldest remedies which has been found to be a solution to most hair related problems like dandruff, poor hair growth and a host of others.

This plant +  juice contains a lot of important items your hair needs from you and it is also one of the most recognized remedy in the world.

Here's how to use it:

Step 1.          Get 3 bulbs of raw onions, slice into small pieces and blend.

Step 2.           Extract the juice gotten from blending.

Step 3.            Add one tablespoon of coconut oil to the mixture and stir.

Step 4.            Apply this mixture on your scalp and allow it to stay on your hair for 30 minutes.

Step 5.           Wash it off.

Its as simple as that!

Number Of Times To Use.

•          Twice a week.

Ouch. I'm done.

Guess all the remedies for grey hair in here are simple and easy to make?

Honestly my friend, with these little home remedies I see no reason why your hair should still be grey(😋).

These remedies are the perfect solution for your grey hair and also note that with time you'd start seeing results with them.


Which Of These Remedies Will You Like To Try Out?

Talk to me via the comments section.


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Love you😘❤❤.

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