6 Common Hair Care Mistakes You Should Avoid Making In 2019

You saw that right!

I know no one is perfect and everyone is bound to make mistakes but do you know that some mistakes are really deadly(not this one though)

I won't blame you for not knowing about this. 

Its just that most bloggers and hair stylists hardly talks about this in a way you will understand(no offence if you're a hairstylist or blogger reading this).

Most of these mistakes are the common one's I've come to observe and since I'm that your friendly haircare geek I'll be revealing all of them to you and I'll also tell you what you should do.

I guess you like that?

So, let's get this revealing started...


Mistake #1.            Blow Drying Your  Hair When Its Still Wet.

I know you are already saying this within yourself;

How's this a bad habit?

I won't quarrel with you for that since you didn't know it is a bad habit or a mistake.

Here's why it is bad; 

When you blow dry you wet hair it only attracts it to damaging heat which in turns feels glad and damages your hair too. I'm sure you don't want your hair to be damage, huh?

If you have been doing this before, I'm sure you might have noticed some part of  your hair looking burnt or damaged and you are now wondering how come, right?

Its this thing that caused it but don't worry you can still treat by following [my tips + natural remedies for damaged hair]


Instead of blow drying your hair directly when its still wet, just simply leave natural air to do the work for you and maybe you can now blow dry later if you still choose to.

Mistake #2.            Making Use Of The Wrong Hair Brush.


Me: Yea Yea.

I don't really know the type of you are using now but if you are using a natural bristle hair brush on a fine hair or a damaged hair, you might actually be putting that hair at a risk.

Why and How?

You would agree me when I say natural bristle hair brushes are really good for getting hold of thick, slightly wet hair and also good for smoothing your hair when you blow out,right?

But do you know that reverse is the case for a fine hair?

The reason why I would advice you not to use these type of brush on a fine damage hair is that it causes too much tension on the hair and you know that does to your hair, right?

I know you are already like WHAT HAIR BRUSH SHOULD I USE THEN!

Thank you for asking.

For a fine hair, I would advice you to simply get hold of vent brushes.

Try to get one today!

Mistake #3.            Under Shampooing Your Hair.

Yes, you've heard a lot of things about shampooing your hair and that you shouldn't shampoo your hair all the time.

I certainly agree with that but why have you decided to take shampooing your hair as a joke?

I know you want a healthy hair(I want that for you also) but at least try to shampoo and wash your hair as at when due.

If you have been making the mistake of under shampooing your hair because you didn't understand what those beauty and hair care bloggers where telling you, here's WHAT TO DO;

Wash your hair for at least 2 to 3 times in a week then shampoo your hair two times in a month with the help of a cleansing shampoo.

Why You Should Do This:

Washing your hair like I said before, will help to remove layers of products hanging on your hair and also the excess oils which are also on it while shampooing at least two times a month with a cleansing shampoo, helps to clear the  grease on your hair that those simple hair shampoos might have left out.

With this said, I'm sure you would stop making this mistake, right?

Mistake #4.            Over Colouring Your Hair.

I understand you want to look like Lady Gaga or any other celebrity with a very stylish hair but honestly, frequent hair colouring is bad.

I repeat, its BAD!

Here's why;

Colouring or dyeing your hair too much or too frequently stresses your hair and then damages it.

You certainly would not  know until when you visit your hair stylist and feel certain pains when he or she is trying to fix your hair..

What You Should Do Instead;

If you're that kind of lady that gets tempted or moved to colour your hair then you should make these changes at home;

•           Attach a filter to your shower head, so as to help stop chlorine and other minerals from washing away or breaking down the colour.

•            Get and only use hair shampoos and conditioners that are meant for a coloured hair.

Doing these things will certainly help you avoid the damages this can cause later on and by the way, you should try to give your hair, four to six weeks gap before going for another dye job(if you wish to).

Mistake #5.            Allowing Your Hair To Be Friends With Heat.

This might actually be the 3rd time I am actually talking about heat since the beginning of this post, you wanna know why I keep talking about it?

Its because its a HAIR DAMAGER AND KILLER.

I've seen lots of people who always heat style their hair and later on come asking for what to do that their hair has been damaged and they don't know how come.

Cutie, I know you will be tempted to do this but honestly, heat styling your hair too much or let's say too much heat on your hair is too dangerous and I don't want you to end up losing your pride/crown(hair) to heat.


Simply make use of your heat styler at a really low temperature in other to allow more flow of air than heat while trying to remove moisture and also never you try to use your flat iron above 350 degrees except you want your hair to look like a burnt barbeque.

Mistake #6.            Making Use Of Hair Extensions.

Seems surprising, right?

I know you are already saying within you that I don't know what I'm say(lol).

Here's why making use of hair extensions on your hair is a bad idea;

Weaves and other hair extensions have been found to have this ability(or super power) to drag down your hairline with great effort which results to a strong pull of your hair and also alopecia(traction alopecia or hit loss).

What To Do Instead.

If you simply can't resist the urge of using hair extensions, then making use of clip-in pieces is what you should try because they are temporary and are very easy to remove(no extra force).

I hope you can now see that you have been endangering your hair to some hidden treats?

Honestly, if you never knew these were wrong, there's no problem but if you continue making these mistakes after reading this then you're wrong.

I'm no lady but to be sincere, I really like seeing fine and healthy ladies hair cos it gives me great joy(and I guess it should give you too).

If you actually understand and try to avoid all that I've said here, then I bet you, that your hair wouldn't receive any form of damage or treat.

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  1. These are great tips I also avoid heat on my hair like the plague.

    1. Lol.

      I'm excited to know that you take your hair care seriously.

  2. I'll keep these tips in mind. My hair can be difficult, so I never want to do things to make it MORE unruly.

  3. I like to air dry my hair in the summer. In the winter, I tend to blow dry it but I will stop doing that.

    1. You can still blow dry your hair but try to keep the temperature of your hair dryer low.

  4. This is such a list of amazing tips! I should definitely go to the store and find a vent brush! Thank you for sharing this. ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

    1. Yea, that's a nice thing to do.

      Thanks for stopping by also!

  5. These are some great tips. I'll have to keep some of them in mind. I have really curly hair and it gets dry and frizzy easily.

    1. Oh.. I get it.

      You can checkout my other post where i shared some effective remedies for dry hair.

  6. Oh my hair is always a hot mess it's crazy! HAHAA

    1. Haha..

      You can get it back to normal, if you start to set time to take care of it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hmmm, I pretty much do all of these except the extensions. Guess I need to change things up!

    1. Yea, as it will help you have a healthy and productive hair.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. These are all great things to know because people need to take better care of their hair. What an informative post.

    1. Exactly!

      Thanks for taking time to go through this post, I really appreciate!

  9. I live in a very hot climate and it's always a struggle to take care of my hair. I do add sunscreen designed specifically for the hair and scalp when I go out, but they leave my hair look very greasy unfortunately.

    1. Ohh..

      It seems your hair loses moisture easily.

      Although, you can return moisture to your hair by simply using this natural deep conditioner:

      Mashed avocado + egg yolk mixture.

  10. You gave many very good tips in this article! I bookmarked this article. I've long hair and can really benefit from following your advice! Thanks <3

    1. Thanks Cecilia.

      I'm glad that you found this article helpful!

  11. Taking the extra steps to be careful is important. These are the best ideas!

    1. Thanks Alexandra!

      I'm really glad you also love taking good care of your hair.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Using heat on my hair when it's wet does me absolutely no good. Not only is it damaging, but my hair looks awful. Need to be better about the others!

  13. Great and useful tips on Hair Care. I am sharing with few friends who desperately need these tips for hair care. Thanks for sharing

  14. I usually do number one and number two! No coloring or hair extensions....

    1. I'm glad you admitted your mistakes☺.

      Keep on taking care of your hair and thanks for stopping by.