How To Straighten Natural Hair Without Heat: 5 Things You Definitely Need To Try

I know you want it..

..but the problem is that you don't just know how to do it or let's say you don't have a single clue on how to go about it.

Over the few months I've been in this industry, I've been seeing a lot of people complaining bitterly on how they can straighten natural hair without heat or damage and I'm like:

 What can I do to help these people?

I know how you feel and I can understand that you just want to go natural like others and be free from the threats chemicals/heat gives to your hair.

See.. Stop worrying because I've got lots of ways you can straighten your natural hair without heat or damage.

Hope you're ready to learn? Let's move on!


Sorry for bringing this in though, but I think you certainly need to know why you shouldn't use heat or chemicals to straighten your natural hair(especially for newbies) and here are the reasons;

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•       They cause your natural hair to dry out.

•       They bring about splint ends on your natural hair.

•        Can cause your straightened hair not to look so attractive as it would have been, if you used natural hair straighteners.

With that said, here are some ways to straighten natural hair without heat or damage;

1.           By Using Natural Hair Straightening Masks.

Natural hair masks are really great things to try as a NATURAL and if you'd like to straighten your hair without damage(s) using a natural hair straightener is something I'd advice you to do.

Wondering why?

They provide you with more natural and healthy nutrients for your hair and also keeps your hair healthy(what heat can't do for your hair).

You might already be wondering what type of hair mask or hair straightener(s) you should use.  Don't worry I'll show you.

Here they are;

•            The Oily-Milky-Starch-Juice Hair Mask.

I know you're already confused with the name I gave to that hair mask(πŸ˜‚).

Don't mind me, its something you can make at home without stress.

So.. What does it consist of?

Nice question. This hair mask consists of coconut milk, olive oil, lemon juice and cornstarch(that's how I came about the crazy name😁).

Now, here's how to make and use this hair mask as an hair straightener;

**Items Needed**

•     6 Tablespoons Of Lemon Juice.

•     One Cup Of Coconut Milk.

•      2 Tablespoons Of Olive Oil.

•     3   Tablespoons Of Cornstarch.


Step 1.        Mix the mixture of the above items in a bowl or pot.

Step 2.         Heat the mixture at a low temperature and stir until it gets smooth and cool.

Step 3.         Apply this mixture on your hair.

**How Long Should I Do This**?

Twice a week for 2 months, if you really want to relax and straighten your natural hair.

•               The Milk And Honey Hair Straightening Mask.

"And your blessings shall flow like milk and honey"

That line of words just blew through my mind when I brought out the milk and honey hair mask thingy(😁).

BTW who doesn't like milk and honey? Even your hair loves it!

Believe me, giving your hair the combination of these two things, gives it the strength to serve as an hair straightener.

I know am beginning to talk too much, here's how to straighten natural hair using this mixture without damage before you beat me over the internet(πŸ˜‚);

**Items Needed**

•      1 Tablespoon of Honey.

•       1 Full Cup Of Milk.


Step 1.         Mix the two items together until you're satisfied with its smoothness.

Step 2.         Apply this mixture on your hair and allow it to go down into your hair/scalp.

Step 3.          Wait for about 1 hour before washing it off.

How Long Should I Do This?

Twice a week for 2 months.

2.             By Wet Brushing Your Hair.

How To Lighten Your Hair Naturally

As the name implies, I'm sure you already know what to expect here(don't worry I'll still tell you more).

Using this method, is really one of the best way to straighten natural hair without heat or damage. Its one fastest methods(when done in front of a fan) but its time consuming and stressful(don't be discouraged).

If you're ready then follow these steps below;

**Items Needed**

•      A Good Hair Brush.


Step 1.           Wash your hair and brush it for every five minutes as it begins to dry.

Step 2.           Carry and hold each sections of your hair for a few seconds, so as to allow it get straight.

After that, you're done.


Hope you got that?

3.              By Making Use Of Hair Rollers.

Hair rollers can be very effective in a time like this because they don't require heat to operate and they are very useful in the aspect of having a damage-free straightened hair.

**What You Will Need**

•        Large Hair Rollers.


Step 1.          Pour or wash your hair with water.

Step 2.         Get those large rollers of yours and use them to roll out sections of your hair.

Step 3.          Secure the rollers tightly against your head (to avoid it falling off).

Step 4.          Leave your hair to dry completely.

And after that, you're done.

4.                  Make Use Of The Right Hair Straightening Products.

I've been talking about using DIY natural hair masks and other ways to straighten your natural hair without having any damages but to be frank with you, using the right products(right hair conditioner and shampoo)for straightening your hair has a lot of benefits too.

You wondering what are benefits of using a good hair straightening product, here they are;

•          They help deal with frizz.

•           They give a damage-free and straightened hair.

Guess you can see that using hair straightening products are really beneficial?

5.              By Twisting Your Natural Hair Into A Bun.

Actually the last on the list, is this very effective way to straighten your natural hair without heat.

To show you the effectiveness, alot of hair care experts and specialists advice their clients to do this.

Why I love this method, is that, it isn't hard to do and its less time consuming.


Step 1.            Tie your wet hair or damp hair into a bun.

Step 2.             Secure it tightly with a rubber band.

Step 3.             Allow it to air dry completely and finally brush your hair with a good hair brush.

Phew! You'll certainly agree with me when I say this method, was very easy, right?

With the above being said, trying to straighten natural hair without heat or damage shouldn't be a harecnut to crack for you any longer.

Before I forget, here are some things you should avoid if you really want to get a heat free straightened hair;

•        Avoid Moisture.

•        Avoid Heat etc.

Avoiding those two things, will certainly help you out on your hair straightening journey.

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  1. Good tips - I have the frizziest hair. Looking forward to trying out some of these tips

    1. Thanks for commenting. Really glad, you found these useful. Keep coming back for more.

  2. Great tips! I have always used a hair straightener until now, but will be trying some of the techniques you have suggested. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome Daria! Do let us know how it went for you!

  3. My hair is a bit weird. Some strands of hair are curly and some other straight already. I don't straighten with a straightener because it damages the hair but these tips will do great!

  4. This is awesome, my wife has a curly hair, she is gonna love to try these awesome treatments. Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Chad and do let us know how it went for your wife.

  5. I never knew that it was possible to straighten hair by using a hair mask. This is all new to me and the fact that these masks are DIY is an added bonus.

    1. I'm glad you really found this article worth reading.

  6. These are some really awesome methods. I hate using a straightener.

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    1. Yea Sam.

      Try them and let us know how it went for you.

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  9. I don't use heat for my hair and for the longest time, I've been wet brushing it and also using hair masks.

    1. Oh, that's awesome.

      You really take your hair care seriously.