How To Lighten Hair At Home Without Spending A Dime: 7 Things You Should Try

Yay! Summer is around the corner and everyone(including you) just want to lighten up their hair.

See I like that idea, its pretty cool!

..but believe me, spending your soft or hard earned money on trying to bring out the brightness of your hair, isn't really necessary.

Eager to know why?

Its because, you can lighten your hair at home for free with the help of natural items and even your household items.

Seems really cool, right?

Sorry for the long talks though, here are some incredible ways to lighten hair at home using natural products .

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How To Lighten Hair At Home

Before you try out any of the following, here are some things you should note:

• Trying any of these processes or mixtures on a hair dyed with a very dark colour like black might not work very fast because the mixtures must first work through the dye before lighten up your hair.

• After trying any of these methods, it will take sometime before you begin to see any changes on your hair but doing this frequently will help speed up the whole process.

Now, here are the seven awesome items to lighten hair at home naturally and fast;

1. Using Chamomile Tea.

Chamomile Tea To Lighten Hair At Home


This might certainly not be new to you but I guess using it to lighten your hair might be new, right?

Chamomile has been found to help lighten very dark hair(no matter how dark) and its highly recommended by lots of people who knows its value.

With that said, here's how to use chamomile tea to lighten hair at home, the process is very easy to follow;

Items Needed

• One or Two Bags Of Chamomile Tea.

• One Tablespoon Of Pure Honey.

• An Empty Bottle.

• An Hair Conditioner.


Step 1. Soak the two tea bags of chamomile tea in a mug containing hot water(boiled).

Step 2. Add one tablespoon of honey into the mixture to increase the lightening power of the mixture.

Step 3. Leave the mixture open for about 1 to 2 hours so it can cool down completely.

Step 4. Transfer this mixture into an empty bottle or bowl.

Step 5. Apply this mixture all over your hair and comb it very well.

Step 6. Go out and relax under the sun in other to help get your hair dried quickly.

Step 7. Rinse off this mixture from your hair and finally condition your hair using a good hair conditioner.

How Long Should I Do This?

Do this as often as you can until you begin to notice some changes in your hair colour.

2. Using Lemon or Lime Juice.

This is one of the oldest and most highly recommended method or natural hair lightener. Its free to apply and lots more easy to use.

Here's how to use lemon to lighten hair naturally and easy;

Items Needed

• 4 Lemons.

• 1 Cup Of Water.

• 1 Tablespoon Of Honey.

• An Empty Spray Bottle.

• A Good Hair Shampoo And Hair Conditioner.


Step 1. Get the four lemons and squeeze them.

Step 2. Dilute the squeezed Lemons with one cup of water.

Step 3. Add one tablespoon of honey into this mixture and whisk it.

Step 4. Transfer this mixture into the empty spray bottle and shake it very well for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 5. Apply this mixture all over your hair and comb it thoroughly but gently.

Step 6. Go out and chill under the sun to help dry the mixture on your hair(remember to apply your sunscreen to avoid sun burns).

Step 7. Shampoo and condition your hair before drying and styling it.

How Long Should I Do This?

Do this twice a week in other to achieve fast results.

3. Using Vitamin C Pills.

This is totally one of the newest way to lighten hair naturally. I actually got to know about this recently and decided to share with you also because it works very well and yields quick results.

If you're interested, here's how to use vitamin c pills to lighten hair naturally with fast results;

Items Needed

• 25-30 Pieces Of Vitamin C Pills.

• A Clarifying Hair Shampoo.

• A Grocery Plastic.


Step 1. Crush the 25-30 pieces of vitamin C pills until they almost turn into powder.

Step 2. Mix the crushed vitamin C pills together with the clarifying hair shampoo.

Step 3. Apply this mixture thoroughly on your hair.

Step 4. Wrap your hair with a plastic bag and wait for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Note: While waiting, please make sure you do 10 to 15 minutes checks on your hair so it doesn't lighten more than you want.

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4. Using Hydrogen Peroxide And Baking Soda Mixture.

If you're not new to the hair lighteners crew then you've probably heard a lot about hydrogen peroxide and baking soda but to be frank with you, combining the both of them is a lot more powerful and faster.

Thanks to a female friend of mine who shared this with me, so, here's how to lighten hair at home using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture;

Items Needed

• Hydrogen Peroxide.

• Baking Soda.

• An Hair Conditioner.

• Argan or Coconut Oil


Step 1. Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together and stir gently.

Step 2. Apply this mixture on your hair from the root to the tip.

Step 3. After applying the mixture on your hair, wrap your hair with an hair wrap.

Step 4. Put a towel over your hair wrapped with an head wrap, so as to generate heat.

Step 5. Wait for about 35 minutes before entering into the shower.

Step 6. While inside the shower, rinse your hair with water and condition it with a good hair conditioner(do this for 10 minutes).

Step 7. Use a towel to dry your hair gently, so, as to prevent breakage.

Step 8. Once your hair is dry, apply Argan oil or Coconut oil all over your hair to
make it soft and shiny.

After, the whole process, you'll notice that your hair is becoming brighter. Keep on doing this(twice a week) until you're satisfied.

5. Using Honey And Vinegar Mixture.

Honey and vinegar mixture are really great natural hair lighteners you should try especially if you're new to this.

Using honey + vinegar mixture to lighten hair, provides your hair with a lot of benefits of which I won't be mentioning now but here's how to lighten hair at home using this mixture of honey and vinegar.

Items Needed

• Warm Coconut Oil.

• 1 Cup Of Honey.

• 2 Cups Of Apple Cider Vinegar.


Step 1. Add the 2 cups of apple cider vinegar into the 1 cup of honey.

Step 2. Add a tablespoon of warm coconut oil into the mixture and stir(or blend).

Step 3. Apply this mixture gently on your hair and tie an old towel round your hair.

Step 4. Leave this mixture on your hair till the next morning before shampooing as you normally do.

Do this twice a week, until you begin to notice some changes on your hair.

6. Using Salt.

Aside being used for bringing out the taste in a food, salt has been found to be a very good natural item to lighten your hair and also a good dandruff stopper.

With that said, here's how to lighten your hair naturally using salt.

Items Needed

• ½ Cup Of Warm Water.

• 1 Tablespoon Of Any Salt.


Step 1. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of any salt into half cup of warm water.

Step 2. Leave this solution on your hair for nothing less than 15 minutes.

Step 3. Rinse your hair with warm water.

And we're done with that! I guess this is simply the easiest way to lighten hair at home, right?

7. Using Raw Apple Cider Vinegar And Water.

Using this will keep your hair to look natural.

Here's how to use raw Apple cider vinegar to lighten your hair naturally.

Items Needed

• 2 Cups Of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

• 2 Cups Of Water.

• An Empty Spray Bottle.


Step 1. Mix equal parts of the raw apple cider vinegar and distilled water together.

Step 2. Transfer the mixture into an empty spray bottle and spray it all over your hair.

Step 3. Leave this mixture on your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing it off.

Step 4. Dry your hair.


You're done!

I guess you did find this awesome list useful, right?

After trying any of these natural hair lightener, you should be patient and keep on following any that suits you.

Let us know how it went for you and if there's any other natural hair lightener you know, feel free to share with us.

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