3 Easy Ways To Remove Tangles From Your Hair Without Stress

Ever thought of how you could remove tangles from your hair and make your hair tangles free?

how to remove tangles from your hair

Honestly, you're not the only one in this game. A lot of other hair lovers are in too but remember this game has to do with survival of the fittest.

Don't just mind me, I love talking a lot(for the benefit of all).

Coming back to the main reason I wrote this post, would you love to remove tangles from your hair? If yes then this awesome guide is certainly what you've been waiting for.

Still wanna know why this guide is better than the rest? Its because I'm going to be giving you practical and easy to follow step by step instructions(you don't need to watch any YouTube video after reading this) that you'll need.

If you're ready to remove tangles from your hair and also get those knots out of your hair then I'm ready also. Let's zoom off!


Getting knots out of your hair can be really stressful but if you are willingly to obey and follow my instructions then ye shall eat of the fruit of having a tangle free hair.

There are just 3 easy and natural methods you can follow if you really want to untangle your hair and here they are;

Method 1;

• The I Love My Hair Method;

Sounds funny,right?

This is a very old but effective method to follow when trying to remove tangles from your hair. It is less stressful but does eat a little of your time though.

Here's how to get rid of tangles using this method;

Step 1. Get some hair clips and use it to separate your hair into different sections from small to medium.

Step 2. Start removing the tangles/knots carefully from one piece of your hair at a time.

Step 3. After each section is free from tangles, get a bit of hair oil and rub onto the ends of your hair with your fingers(doing this, helps to moisturize and protect your hair from future knots).

That's just it! And we're done!

Looks so easy,right?

Method 2;

• The Take A Shower Method;

This is a really easy method and works very well for those with a very damaged hair or highly textured hair.

Here's how to remove tangles from your hair using this method;

Step 1. While inside the shower, shampoo your hair with your available hair shampoo.

Step 2. After shampooing your hair, soak your hair thoroughly with a good hair conditioner.

Step 3. Begin to use your fingers to loosen up any major knots you find on your hair.

Step 4. Check if your hair is tangle-free and if yes, dry your hair by squeezing the ends with a dry towel and don't rub it with the towel.

And we're done with that!

If you have a curly hair with a very high tendency to get tangled then you should just follow this other tutorial after stepping out of your shower;

Step 1. Soak your hair with an hair conditioner and place your hair inside your shower cap.

Step 2. Let the hair conditioner soak thoroughly into your hair for about 10-35 minutes.

Step 3. Make use of your fingers to remove the tangles from your hair and then rinse your hair.

Simple as that!

Method 3:

• The Comb Addict Method;

If you have a nice wide-toothed hair comb at home the this method is certainly for you but be careful not to pull your scalp while trying to remove tangles from your hair.

Here's what you should do;

Step 1. Section out the tangled piece or pieces of hair.

Step 2. Hold the tangled section(s) firmly with your fingers right above the tangle you'd be working on.

Step 3. Start combing the tangled section of your hair until it finally looks untangled.

You're done!

Phew! Trying to remove tangles from your hair shouldn't be that hard anymore especially now that you've known the various ways you can untangle your hair without having to spend any money.

Before you leave, here are some helpful and vital tips to follow that will help you avoid tangles in the future.


1. Minimize The Use Of Hot Tools On Your Hair.

Minimizing the use of hot tools for hair care can be a little bit hard to overcome because of the various temptations you'll face when you see them, but honestly speaking, skipping the use of your hot hair care tools can certainly help you avoid future tangles.


When you use hot tools on your hair too much either for straightening of your hair or maybe curling, your strands are exposed to so much heat and I guess you know heat makes things dry and when your hair gets dried it gets tangled.

If you can't overcome the use of hot tools on your hair you can simply reduce it to medium and make use of a heat protectant when styling your hair.

2. Try To Keep Your Hair Trimmed At Regular Time Intervals.

This might cost you some extra bucks but its worth it.

Having split or dry ends are few of the major reasons why your hair gets tangled and not trimming your hair regularly, simply exposes your hair to the threats of tangles.

What you should do now, is to GO GET A TRIM(at least every 2 to 3 months).

3. Always Protect Your Hair Before Going To Bed By Simply Loose Braiding It And Tying It Up In A Loose Bun.

4. Always Sleep On Top Of A Pillow Case Made With Silk.

5. When Washing Your Hair, Make Sure You Focus Only On The Scalp.

For more tips on how to prevent hair from tangling, you can read up this blog post here.


Q. What do I do if my tangle is located at a really bad spot on my hair ?

A. Simply go to a good hair salon with a professional hair dresser to help you remove it.

Q. Is it really okay to untangle my hair while in the shower ?

A. Like other hair experts would say, its not really okay but its a little bit acceptable when trying to remove tangles from a damaged or really high textured hair.

Q. What type of hairstyles can I use to prevent tangling ?

A. I'm not really sure about what hairstyle is perfect for preventing tangles but braiding your hair(as recommended by top hair stylists and hair dressers) is really one thing you should put in mind on your quest to detangle your hair.

We're glad to let you know that you've just learnt how to remove tangles from your hair without spending any money.

Believe me, trying any of these methods on your hair and also following the preventive tips listed here, can and will certainly go a long way as you continue to care for your hair.

Feel free to ask us any other questions you've got and remember to share with others too.

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