How To Use Camphor To Grow Hair In One Simple Way

Using camphor to grow hair and other general hair care purposes is one thing you and other people are yet to consider.

Wanna know why?

Its because they(you) don't know or are yet to know the benefits of camphor when its applied on your hair.

I can even see that this looks a little bit new to you, that's why I'm gonna be taking you by your hand(online hand😅) and walk you through why you should use camphor on your hair, how to use camphor to grow hair and other hair related stuff.

Sounds great, right?

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Now, let's get this party started!


how to use camphor to grow hair

Below are the reasons why using camphor on your hair might be a nice idea;

1. It makes your hair strong and even look healthy.

2. It attacks hair loss like a agile lion.

3. It helps in making your hair growth process a lot more faster.

4. It fights Dandruff's on your hair until it(dandruff) surrenders.

5. It helps your hair to remain softer and fresher for you.

6. It helps to delay the greying process of your hair.

Guess you can see that there are lots of benefits of camphor for hair purposes and also, it does a lot of wonders when applied to your hair?

Just give it a try by following these tutorials in this post but before then here's how to make camphor oil at home.


To make camphor oil at home, you'll be needing the following;


• 3 Seeds of camphor balls.

• A glass bottle (preferably blue coloured bottle).

• Virgin Olive Oil.

Procedures For Making Camphor Oil At Home

Step 1. Place the 3 marble sized balls of camphor into a glass bottle.

Step 2. Fill the bottle containing camphor with your virgin olive oil.

Step 3. Wait for 2days for everything to dissolve before you use it.

After that, you can now follow these tutorials on how to use camphor oil to grow hair, get rid of dandruff and the rest of them.


1. How To Use Camphor To Deal With Dandruff

If you're having issues with dandruff and you wish to give it the final whip, you can follow this process or just read my other post where I listed how to use any of your kitchen materials to cure dandruff via

What you'll be needing;

• Camphor Oil.

• A good hair shampoo.


Step 1. Get one tablespoon of camphor oil and massage gently on your scalp and your hair.

Step 2. Wait for some minutes before washing it off with your hair shampoo.

If you do this for like 2 to 3 times in a week, you would notice some changes.

Remember that consistency and patience is the key.

2. How To Use Camphor For Hair Growth

If you notice your hair doesn't grow fast as you want then using camphor oil on your hair is one thing you should try.

Also feel free to checkout my other post where I revealed some of the reasons why your hair isn't growing via here

You'll be needing the following for this process;

• Camphor Oil.

• Lavender Oil


Step 1. Mix your home made camphor oil and lavender oil together until it looks okay in your sight.

Step 2. Apply and massage this mixture of oils onto your hair.

Step 3. Leave it on your hair until when you want to take your next shower.

You are to do this only once in every week and after that just be patient.

3. How To Use Camphor Oil To Delay Greying Process Of Your Hair

Having this feeling that your hair would soon turn grey? I know you don't want that to happen, not when everyone is admiring your hair, right?

Why still scared? When you can just play with time by applying camphor oil on your hair.

'Don't worry, I'll work you through the process' says the lord of camphor(Lol).

On a more serious note, here's what you'll be needing;

• Virgin Coconut Oil.

• An Hibiscus Flower.

• 2 Camphor Balls or Tablets.


Step 1. Get the coconut oil and the hibiscus flower, then boil both of them.

Step 2. Add two balls of camphor in the mixture(after turning off the heat).

Step 3. Wait for the mixture to cool off and after that, massage this mixture smoothly on your hair and scalp.

Make sure you do this regularly or daily, as it helps to slow down the greying process of your hair.

4. How To Use Camphor Oil To Cover Up Bald Spots

Suffering from hair loss? Or has bald spots taken over your head?

Honestly I feel your pain but I want you to just do this ONE THING for me, which is, START USING CAMPHOR OIL ON YOUR HAIR.

You doubt if it can work right? We all are created like that though but use it and be rest assured to see those bald spots on your head, hide their face for good.

You'll be needing the following for this process;

• Coconut oil.

• Camphor oil.


Step 1. Mix equal amounts of coconut oil and camphor oil in a bowl.

Step 2. Stir gently and massage the mixture smoothly round your hair(especially the bald spots).

Step 3. Wait for about 20 to 30 minutes, so that, the mixture can perform its wonders on your hair.

Step 4. Wash away all the oils on your hair with the help of an oil free shampoo.

Done! Make sure you do this on a regular basis in other for you to begin to see changes.

5. How To Use Camphor For Building A Strong Hair

Who told you your hair has to look weak whenever the weather suddenly changes? Come on! Push that belief off your mind and use camphor oil to start building a strong hair.

What you'll be needing;

• Raw Egg.

• Camphor Oil.

• A Good Hair Shampoo.


Step 1. Get both the raw egg and camphor oil, then mix smoothly together until you're satisfied.

Step 2. Apply and massage this mixture very well on your hair(especially the roots).

Step 3. Wait for about 10-20 minutes for the mixture to work on your hair.

Step 4. Wash off this mixture from your hair with the help of a good hair shampoo.

Easy as that! Be consistent in doing this.

6. How To Use Camphor Oil For Getting A Soft And Shiny Hair

Want your hair to be soft as that of a baby(but a bit stronger than that)? Camphor oil is the right oil for you.

You'll be needing the following;

• Olive Oil.

• Camphor Oil.


Step 1. Mix the two oils together gently.

Step 2. Rub this oil on your scalp and round your hair.

You're done with that!

Make sure you do this 3 times in a week and see your hair becoming soft like you've always wanted.

Wow! I'm done and I guess you've just learnt something new , right?

Something tells me that you've got some questions on your mind to ask me and I think I know what they are. I'll be saving you that stress by simply answering those questions quickly before I round off.


• Are There Any Side Effects Attached To Using Camphor On My Hair?

Answer: Nope. There will only be a side effect when you use it without following the right process.

• What Is Camphor?

Answer: Camphor is a ball or tablets shaped seed gotten from a tree name Laurel which when placed in a room, can give a very pleasant smell to the nose. It is also known as Karpur.

• Does Camphor Have Any Other Benefits Aside Helping The Hair?

Answer: Yea, it has lots of benefits in different areas aside hair, such as beauty, general health care.

• Where Can I Buy Camphor Seeds Or Camphor Oil.

Answer: You can see camphor seeds anywhere, its not hard to find. You can simply go to a grocery shop near you and ask for one.

• Are There Any Other Ways To Use Camphor?

Answer: Yea, and like I earlier said, camphor has a lot of benefits and it can be used as any of the following;

I. As instant pain reliefs.

II. As chest rubs.

Applying camphor on your hair should be the next action you should try to take after reading this post, so you don't get to miss all the goodies attached to this magical seed.

Here's a quick recap of all we just learnt;

1. Benefits Of Camphor For Hair Purposes.

2. Various Ways To Use Camphor And Camphor Oil To Grow Hair And Other Hair Related Purposes.

3. Answers To Frequently Asked Questions.

I guess you did find this article super helpful and educating, right?

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