Want A Healthy Hair? Just Follow These 11 Handpicked Hair Care Tips

Guess you want a healthy hair, right?

If I'm not mistaken, you've been following a lot of hair related articles, videos and other resources, and finally you landed here.

I'm happy for you. At least, you still have time for your hair and you try all your best to care of your hair to make it look healthy as you are. In fact, you deserve some accolades for this.

Due to the fact, that you're interested in your hair health, I'll be sharing with you some quick healthy hair care secrets/tips , you need to know, if you still want to make your hair healthy and happy.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Promise me one thing..

That you'll always care for your hair like for better for worse(lol).

If you're ready to know what secrets or tips I'll be exposing to you, then hop into this train of hair care tips and let's ride on.


As we embark on this journey, I hope you get to learn something new that you'd try out? Here are the 11 handpicked hair care tips to get a healthy hair:

Tip #1. Feed Your Hair With Egg Yolk Regularly.

Just the same way you need protein in your body, that's the same way your hair needs it.

This might look a little bit lame(especially the part were you have to put raw egg on your hair), but its worth it.

Applying eggs on your hair does not only provide protein to the hair but it also helps fight Dandruff's and it also makes your hair more healthier.

Here's how to use egg in getting a healthy hair:

• Get an egg and break it to get the yolk

• Mix the egg yolk with a small amount of hair shampoo

• Apply on your hair for at least 4 to 5 minutes.

• Rinse well to kill the odour.

Try this for at least, once in a week and a minimum of four to five times in a month.

After this you will begin to see great changes on your hair(good changes though) and will keep your hair more healthy.

Tip #2. Give Heat A Break.

Picture this: If the sun was right on your hair, what do you think would have happened to it?

Same applies here(from your answer), applying heat on your hair unnecessarily causes your hair to lose its needed moisture to look healthy, thereby making it look dry and rough.

Also when you over use heat on your hair, it can lead to getting your hair damaged or even burnt, as the case may be.

Its advice able to apply heat on your hair, only when it is needed, if you really want to make your hair healthy.

Tip #3. Never Use Tight Hair Ties On Your Hair.

On this journey of taking care of your hair, making use of tight hair ties is not advice able.

It causes or leads to hair breakage, due to the fact that there is no room for proper air ventilation into the hair.

Instead of using tight hair ties, its better to just shop for less tight and affordable hair ties that will make your feel comfortable and also get it healthy.

Hope you'd listen to my advice?

Tip #4. Minimize The Way You Wash Your Hair.

Washing your too often can be risky to your hair.

According to top hair experts and specialists, when water is applied to your hair it causes it to swell in the inside and when that happens too often, it can lead to breakage or hair fall(which I know you don't want).

Its advice able not to wash your hair more than the required number of times. And, instead of washing too much , you can just go for a dry hair shampoo.

Tip #5. Give Your Hair Some Juice.

Alright, give me the juice(in Chris Brown's voice).

Same way you love taking juices, that's the same way your hair gets thirsty for it also.

This might sound or seem a little bit weird but this was among what your hair revealed to me(so don't blame me).

Applying juice like lemon juice or any other juice containing citrus on your hair before heading into the sun is really beneficial to your hair.

For example, when you take in a chilled orange juice or any juice into your body(through your mouth), how do you feel after taking it? I guess you feel nourished and in some cases strengthened, right?

Same applies to your hair, giving it, its on juice helps to keep it healthy for you and also protects it from roadside damages.

See just add this to your hair to do list, try it for like a month(at least 4 times in a month) and see your coming to testify.

Tip #6. Always Visit Your Hair Stylist For Regular Hair Checkup And Treatments.

I guess you already know about this but its still a secret(for those who don't know the benefits).

Going to a hair salon, helps you to be updated with your hair health status and also helps you get a nice cut or trim, which is very important on this our moving train of getting a healthy hair.

Finding a good hair salon for checking up on your hair health or getting a good hair style isn't that hard(if you are new), you can checkout this my post below

Just for you: How To Find A Good Hair Salon VeryFast

Following this tip will help you and it is actually recommended by top experts and hair stylist.

Tip #7. Service Your Scalp Frequently.

Just the same way, you or a car mechanic would service a car using motor oil, is the same way you should service your hair with oil also(not engine oil).

Applying oil on your hair and scalp does not only make your hair look healthier, but it also makes it look shiny(depends on the hair colour though).

You can service your hair with oil by applying a good amount of oil on your hair and later washing it off with a good hair shampoo, and finally wait for the end result which is a healthy hair.

But also note that, overusing oils can be dangerous too. Try to use with caution.

Tip #8. Give Your Old Clothes A Chance To Spend Some Time With Your Hair(Clean Old Clothes).

This looks a little bit stupid to you, right?

Same here too but this is actually a big hair care secret, you never knew about.

Old clothes are really friendly and helpful when it comes to your hair care(especially clothes made out of cotton).

They are gentle when use for drying your hair than a normal thick and heavy towel or better still, they don't rough your hair cuticles, which gives you lesser work when trying to smoothen your hair.

They are really handy when trying to get a healthy hair.

Tip #9. Wash Your Hair With Cold Water.

I know you've been made to believe(either by parents, teachers, friends or anything) that cold water is dangerous for your hair and that you shouldn't wash your hair with cold water, right?

If I'm to answer, I'd say yes. I remembered the moment my mum was beating my kid sis for washing her hair with cold water and I was kinda confused though.

But honestly, cold water(at a normal temperature) does more good than harm on your hair, unlike hot water which can damage your hair.

If you've always been on the campaign against washing hair with cold water, I'd advice you to decamp to this party(lol) and give this a try. I'll be waiting for your hair testimony.

Tip #10. Limit Your Use Of Hair Bands.

Hair bands actually do great work in the area of keeping your hair well arranged but it also does some harm to your strands.

When you use hair bands too often on your hair, it tugs it and causes it to break(which can lead to hair fall).

As experts advised, instead of using hair bands, you can go creative by using hair barrettes(they don't cost much), which also helps cover your hair too.

Tip #11. Never Leave Your Home Without Protecting Your Hair.

Did you know that sun can be very dangerous for your hair? Or even snows?

A healthy hair is one which protects itself against sun rays or snows.

Although a lot of people are already following this tip but since I don't know about you, I decided to drop this one here for you also.

Before going out each day, you should try to either wear a hair barrette, hair tie or whatever can protect your hair from getting damaged when exposed to the outer world.

Its advice able to add this tip to your hair to do list in other to make your hair more healthy.

Bonus Tip: #12. Make Aloe Vera Your Tight Friend.

If you read most of my blog post here on this my blog, you'll notice I love mentioning aloe vera. A lot of weird people might think aloe vera is my boo(lol).

Aloe vera is a really great plant that solves a lot of problem both on the skin, the hair and other parts of the body.

Applying aloe vera on your hair once a week or twice a month makes your hair healthy and also makes it look shiny because of its oily gel. This plant also helps in hair growth(I mean fast hair growth).

Its one remedy to different problems, the plant itself is not hard to find.

OMG! I've successfully revealed to you some things to do to make your hair stay healthy.

If you've always thought that keeping your hair healthy is a very hard nut to crack, then just know I've successfully killed that belief with these hair care tips of mine.

You can ask any hair specialist, and they'll tell you that I've said everything(partially)you need to know concerning your hair care.

I know you loved what you just read, right?

Here's a quick summary of my hand picked tips on how to keep your hair healthy;

1. Feed your hair with eggs.

2. Give heat a break.

3. Avoid using tight hair ties on your hair.

4. Give your hair some juice.

5. Make aloe vera your friend.

6. Wash your hair less.

7. Always protect your hair before going out.

8. Limit use of hair bands.

9. Wash hair with cold water(not so cold)

10. Service your scalp frequently.

11. Visit your hair stylist often for hair treatment.

12. Give your old clothes(made out of cotton) a chance on your hair.

And after that, always visit this blog for free hair care tips and tutorials.

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By the way, thanks for joining me on this educative ride. Hope you will continue joining me?

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