8 Reasons Why Your Hair Isn't Growing And How To Make It Grow

Why isn't my hair growing?(one question thousands of hair lovers ask each time)

Let's talk about this, right here and right now.

Have you ever been in a situation, where after trimming your hair, it takes more than a month or two before it grows back(in a small amount)?

Hey buddy, I've walked through that path also(as a guy), and I can boldly tell you that, this situation is really a bad and annoying one. Even my ancestors, wouldn't wish to experience this.

Each day, lots of people(men and women) do complain that their hair is not growing as its supposed to or let's just say, it takes a really long time for their hair to grow.

I won't blame anybody, because, a lot of little known factors are actually behind the reasons why most peoples hair stops growing and they include;
• Trimming too often.

• Lack of conditioning.

• Unhealthy scalp and lots more(that I'll be listing out for you).

If you currently notice that your hair takes longer time to grow or your hair just stopped growing, then just read up this post(don't be in a hurry while reading this).

(My reaction when my hair isn't growing😀😂)

If you're also wondering how you'll make your hair grow fast, after knowing why your hair isn't growing, just stop and keep on reading cos I'll also reveal to you, the one thing I did that helped me increase the speed at which my hair grows(its currently working for me).

Are you ready to know the truth? If you're ready, then I am ready also.


No too much talks, here they are(learn and correct your self):

1. You Trim Your Hair Too Much.

'The more trim the less your hair grows'.

I know you love taking care of your hair and you also love to see it clean/neat, but honestly, you might be telling your hair to stop producing more children(hairs) for your head, when you trim it too often.

How did I know?

Remember, I've been there also. Back then when I was a kid, my dad always wanted me to look cute and always advised me to get a hair cut at least twice a month, which I always did.

After sometime, I began to notice that my hair took longer time to grow, than it used to be. So I gave trimming a break before my hair started growing bit by bit (for like 2 months).

Leaving that story, here's what you should do;

Stop trimming your hair too often.

2. Your Scalp Might Be(or is)Sick.

The scalp is just like your hair's immune system, when it falls sick, your hair also falls sick and in some cases, you begin to see visible signs like hair breakage, hair not growing and some other hair related issues.

Top experts(including myself)advice's that you check on your scalp health or condition, to check if its still healthy or not.

3. You Don't Give Your Hair Enough Water.

What i mean by that is, you don't drink enough water as needed.

Remember, this saying;

'Water is life'.. .. right?

When you skip drinking enough water each day, your hair suffers and it begins to deal with you by not growing up as it is supposed to.

Giving your hair enough water daily is very important in a time like this, when your hair refuses to grow back because it feeds your hair follicles with the required nutrients needed to promote your hair growth.

4. You Deny/Denied Your Hair Its Right To Moisture.

Just the same water is important to your health, so is moisture also.

Not giving your hair moisture, is a big reason why your hair isn't growing and also causes hair breakage(which lots of people complain about).

Always give your hair its required moisture, so that it can perform well for you and also produce more children(hairs) for your head when the time is due.

5. You Give Your Hair Too Much Blow(heat) Job.

Somebody somewhere(maybe you) reading this post, is already thinking the other side(lol). Please, I don't mean the prostitute type of blow job.

What I mean here is that you use heat too much on your hair(with the help of hair dryers and its friends).

Applying heat too often on your hair is another reason why your hair seems to stop growing.

Answer this: If you were subjected to work under a place that generates huge amount of heat, will you be comfortable enough to give that work your best?

Same applies to your hair, when it receives heat in excess, it begins to cover up those holes which it was supposed to use to produce more hairs or grow faster.

Heat does not only stop hair growth but it can also destroy your hair totally.

6. You're Having A Improper Diet .

As ugly as this sounds, its still the truth. What you and I eat, affects our skin and also our hair.

Being deficient of some vitamins needed in your body(especially your hair) can lead to serious hair problems, of which poor hair growth is included.

When you get back to reality, just try to check your diet plan and see if you're actually skipping some vitamins and after that try to start following a balanced diet or meal plan.

7. You Disturb Your Hair Too Much.

Uhg! Give your hair some space!

How do you expect your hair to grow, when you comb, brush and even play with your hair too much?

Yea, I know that taking care of your hair is good but remember that too much of everything is bad(I mean, too bad).

For the ladies, let's say, as a guy, I just walked up to you to tell you that I like you and from that day, I kept on disturbing you, guess you'd lose your respect for me or even snub me when you see me coming, right?

That's how your hair also behave, when you disturb it too much(by brushing, combing and the rest of them)..


8. Your Age And Probably Your Genetics.

Oh yes! You can't beat it!


I mean your age. As you begin to grow, your hair also grows too(I mean it grows old).

Don't believe me? Just ask any hair specialist and they'll tell you the same thing.

See, your hair growth cycle may differ from another persons hair growth cycle due to genetics. So its advice able to not worry yourself too much, when you discover your hair isn't growing fast like others, because your genetics might just be playing with you.

With that being said, I'd like to draw you closer to the moment which you've been waiting for.


Here comes the moment, where I'm going to be revealing the same thing I applied on my hair that help boost its growth speed.

_Disclaimer: This might not work faster on your hair like it did for me, so just believe it would work for you_

See, I've got nothing to hide from you, order than to tell you the secret plant which is Aloe Vera(as seen in the image below).

I'm sure you've come across aloe vera, at least, once or twice in your day to day movement, right?

Aloe vera is the plant that helped or has been helping my grow pretty fast than before. All I did was to apply the gel inside it and rub on my hair.

I did this, twice a week for like a month and before the end of the month, my hair grew faster and even looked a little bit shinny.

Easy, right? But put in mind that patience is the key and all you need to make your hair grow with the help of aloe vera or any other thing you have in mind.

Wait a minute! Just tell me the truth, did you find this article helpful?

Before you leave, here's a quick summary of the 8 reasons why your hair isn't growing;

1. You disturb your hair too much.

2. Your age and genetics.

3. You apply too much heat on your hair.

4. Improper diet.

5. Lack of moisture.

6. You don't drink enough water.

7. You trim too much.

8. Your scalp might be sick.

Those are just the reasons why most peoples hair(including yours) isn't growing at all or isn't growing fast.

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