5 Kick Ass Ways To Fix A Damaged Hair Using Home Remedies

I guess you hate having your hair look like what is in the image above? Same here, if you were to ask me the same question.

I remembered talking about hair loss some days ago, and also provided some tips on how to prevent hair loss(you can check it out by clicking the link below).

Everything You Should Know About Hair Loss And How To Cure It

Having a damaged hair can be one stress or problem, you might find hard to bear or contend with especially when you're in a public place. Most a times, you either receive insults from people whose hair looks well cared for and undamaged or maybe something close to healthy.

I know how you feel, facing the stress of hiding your damaged hair from friends or possibly secret haters in school, workplace or even at home. I'm sad, seeing you in this your present condition.

Anyways, stop worrying yourself any longer, do you wish to know why? Because I've brought something really good for you, that will help you out with arranging and repairing your damaged hair in a fast and easy way.

Before i start confessing all about know, I would like to answer some questions that might also be running through your mind, which are as follows;


On a normal ground, knowing the signs of hair damage should actually be the first thing you should know, so you don't end up treating something else in a wrong way.

Here are the possible signs that your hair has been damaged;

1. It Begins To Look Very Dull(than usual) And Dry;

When your hair is damaged it causes your hair to lose the natural oil and moisturizer needed to make your hair shine bright, thereby making it look so dry and dull. If you notice this on your, there's are huge possibility that your hair has been damaged without your concern.

2. It Becomes Inflexible;

Your becomes inflexible and breaks easily when it is damaged. According to many hair experts, this sign of a damaged hair, is actually one of the toughest part to deal with(don't be scared, I'm with the perfect solution for you).

3. Your Hair Is Intertwined(or Mixed Together);

Having a jam packed hair(that is congested or tied together) shows that your hair has been damaged. This occurs because of the damaged caused due to it losing its moisture that suppose to hold your hair and make it look free.

Those are some of the noticeable signs that you are having a damaged hair already.

I know you are already eager to know the solution to this hair problem you're facing, right? Just hold on a minute and take a deep breathe, then grab a cup of pop corn and read on(but don't forget that there is love in sharing your pop corn with me lol).

• HOW TO FIX OR REPAIR A DAMAGED HAIR(very fast using different methods)

Smiling... Before I show you the way, just know that some damages caused on your hair are just permanent and might not be repaired or fixed even after following these ways to be listed below. Anyways, just have faith, they can still work for you perfectly;

1. Massaging Your Hair With Butter;

This is a really cool way to fix your hair at home without having to spend a dime or going to a hair salon especially of it seems inflexible(like I earlier said). Here's the step by step process to follow;

>. Rub the butter on your hair.

>. Cover your hair with a shower cap for at least 30 to 35 minutes.

>. Find a good shampoo and use it on your hair(with the butter on it).

>. Finally, rinse away the butter on your hair.

Woohoo! We are done with that, guess with was easy as eating pie,right?

2. Rinsing Your Hair With Rice Water;

This looks crazy and weird,right? Seriously speaking, the water you throw away down the drain after washing rice contains Inositol, a very useful ingredient that has power to go through your damaged hair and fix(repair) it without stress.

Give it a try, it works.

3. Washing And Rinsing Your Hair With Tea;

You: Favour are you okay?

Me: yea.

You: Some minutes ago, you said I should rinse my hair with rice water, now you're saying I should use tea. Hope everything is alright with you?

Me: Lol, yea.

That would have been us, if we were in a real life conversation. I know you are already thinking I have gone crazy because of hair damage(lol).

First of all, tea helps to brighten your hair colour especially if its looking dull and dry but when trying this, make sure that the tea you are using corresponds with your natural hair colour, so that, you won't be given the name; Mr/Mrs Hair Of Many Colours(lol).

Here is how you use tea to brighten your hair after being damaged;

>. Apply your regular shampoo and rinse your hair.

>. Get 1.101 liters or 1.136 liters of warm tea(unsweetened) that matches with your natural hair colour.

>. Add it to your hair and rinse.

That's all.

4. Play With Avocado;

I know you love avocado's. Same here. I'm sure you never knew you can make your damaged hair smile again using avocado, right?

Avocado's contains rich vitamins, minerals and other essential acids needed in your body that will help restore freshness to your hair.

How to use avocado to restore or fix your damaged hair:

>. Get a ripe potato and mash it together with an egg.

>. Wet your hair with water and apply the mashed potato(with egg) on your hair..

>. Leave it on your hair for at least 20 to 25 minutes.

>. Finally, wash it off thoroughly with water.

After that, make it an habit(do it once in a week) for a damaged hair.

5. Applying Coconut Oil On Your Hair:

Applying coconut oil on your hair is a great way to keep your hair healthy but its less considered by a lot of people.

Here's what it does;

The molecules inside the oil are relatively small to help penetrate the outer cuticle of your hair and link it to water from inside out. It also increases the protective oils found on the outside of your hair(which protects your hair from heat damage or breakage).

In a situation of hair damage, going for coconut oil or products containing coconut oil, should be one thing you should try, as to help you overcome your hair problem.

Good to know, I have successfully revealed to you 5 incredible ways to fix your damaged hair very fast and without stress but I am not going to leave you or stop here, without showing you how to prevent hair damage..

See, you will get me some food for all this my hard work to see you have a healthy hair (laughing). Just kidding anyways..


Preventing hair damage can be hard for a lot of people but it won't be hard for you any longer, as far as, you are reading this article.

1. Always treat your hair well by following good good hair care practices.

2. Make use of hair protections such as hats etc when walking under the sun.

3. Avoid hair styles that would cause heat on your hair.

4. Don't dye your hair too often, so you won't end up damaging your hair.

5. Avoid shampooing your hair every time(set a time or day for it).

6. Visit a hair care salon often to check on your hair status.


Hair damage can be fixed and prevented when you follow all of the things I have listed here in this article. It isn't that hard as you think, all it needs is, time, patience and the proper article to follow.

Guess this article did help you or someone close to you? Mind if you share with others?

Thanks for the time you spent in reading this article of mine.

I promise to continue bringing in new and helpful articles related to your hair care..

Onah Favour

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