Hair Loss In Men And Women: What You Should Know

There's actually two reasons why you're actually reading the basics in hair loss on this blog, which are;

• To learn about hair loss


• Because you're suffering from it and you are looking for a perfect blog, that will let you know what hair loss is, the causes and probably how to cure and prevent hair loss from disturbing you again..

Guess I'm right?

Seriously speaking, I haven't experienced this but I certainly know how it feels when you wake up every morning only to find parts of your hair still resting on the pillow or probably falling of, for no reason and thereby making your hair look bald. I've got a couple of friends suffering from hair loss and I've also seen people with severe hair loss problem, finding a way to solve this problem and have a nice hair like every other human out there.

But first of all, we need to know the basics of hair loss, what it is and other things related to it before rushing down the solutions.

If you've never experienced hair loss, you might want to ask what is this hair loss, almost everyone one is complaining about, right?


Hair loss which is also called Alocepia is actually a disorder or malfunction of the hair causing it to fall of for no reason. Most a times, hair loss are as a result of hereditary traits.

Based on statistical reports, nearly up to 56 Million people in the U.S are suffering from hair loss and more than one billion people in the world are also suffering from this problem(guess you're included).

A lot of us really don't find this fun at all because, it makes you look odd in the presence of other people in public. Honestly speaking, hair loss alone can make people kill themselves.



We have been able to know what hair loss is but we can't just stop by not knowing what are the major causes of this problem, you're currently facing.

Here are the list of possible causes of hair loss, which I was able to gather from matured specialist in the field;

The Cosmetics Procedures You Follow;

This might seem or look a little bit strange to you but honestly speaking, most of the procedures you follow when you use your cosmetics are really the middle men in your hair loss problem.

When you use hair shampoos, bleach or even hair dyes, you're gradually contributing to the thinning of your hair by making it look very weak and soft.

Also, making your hair to look curly with the help of hot curlers are also among the reasons why your hair begins to lose its weight on your head and then starts to fall.

Your Diet;

According to WebMD;

"Low-protein diet or severely calorie-restricted diet can also cause temporary hair loss."

Guess you can see that. If you normally hate eating protein rich food or calorie rich diets, you might as well be contributing to your hair loss problem as WebMD did earlier say.


Although this isn't a permanent cause of hair loss but seriously speaking, it can damage your hair and cause temporary hair loss.


Like I earlier said, genes from your parents can also be one of the causes of your hair loss each day. As parents suffering from hair loss before they give birth can also transfer it unknowingly to their unborn child without knowing.

Barbing Or Plaiting Your Hair Too Frequently;

Guess you're surprised to see this, because no one has ever told you this. I knew this right from the time my dad started going to the salon too frequently, just to remain cute like us his children(lol) but little did he know he has been making a serious mistake and harming his hair.

Just recently, I started noticing that my dad's hair was changing its shape from the original shape to the U shape(like I earlier said), right now, he's on a low key with the barbing stuff of a thing, in other to prevent further hair loss.

Another cause of hair loss, that is related to this aspect is the hairstyle you choose to have on your head. Although, I'm not a hair stylist but mist of the hairstyle you choose to barb or plait are currently responsible for your hair loss. A major hairstyle that causes hair loss a lot in both the the old and young, is the Low Cut.

There are a lot more to mention but I think these are the little known causes of hair loss which you actually neglect or probably don't know of.


(Possible Signs Of Hair Loss In Both Men And Women);

Anyone suffering from hair loss(maybe you also), would want to know if what he or she is passing through is classified as a sign of hair loss or just something ordinary. Here are the most noticeable signs of hair loss in both men, women and children:

NOTE: I'm not a doctor or an expert in the medical field. These signs of hair loss listed out here are from researches I made and things I observed from people I know that are also having issues with hair loss.

>. You Begin To Notice You're Having A U Or M-Shaped Hair;

One of the quickest and most noticeable sign of hair loss in men, is that your hair turns from the normal V-shape into an M-shaped or U-shaped hair, whenever you go to the hair salon to barb your hair, thereby experiencing a bald part on your head with parts of your hair far from the region.

Still doubting if this is a sign of hair loss? Simply ask your barber or any other experienced barber within your reach, if having a M shapes or U shaped hair, is a sign of hair loss. Let me know when he replies you.

>. You Wake Up Each Morning To See Parts Of Your Hair Still On Your Pillow;.

Nothing is more annoying like seeing parts of your hair still relaxing on your bed in the morning when you wake up. If you notice or see parts of your hair lying on your pillow or bed, just know that this is a sign of hair loss.

>. You Begin To Feel Sun Burns On Your Head;

If you're walking down the street, and you suddenly start to feel hot burns on your head because of sun, just know that you're suffering from hair loss.

>. You Begin To Find It Hard To Plait Or Barb Your Previous Hairstyle's;

You might be wondering what I mean by this, right? Let's say, you normally barb or plait X style and after some months, you decided to barb or plait that style, only for your hair stylist to tell you that you can't use that style on your head again for a reason he doesn't even know.

Hope you got what I mean?

That's actually a sign that hair loss is taking over you and depriving you from what you suppose to enjoy.

With that said, its good we know how to prevent hair loss, anytime and anyday. Anyways, I don't think there are much things to do rather than doing the following things;


>. Eat protein and calories rich diets.

>. Avoid using hair shampoos, hair dyes and any hair care product too much(in other not to make your hair weak).

>. Stop going to your hair stylist too frequently (for men who loves cutting their hair every weekend)

>. Stay away from stress.

Those are just the most essential tips to follow if you want to prevent hair loss (more are still going to be added to the list).


Here's the moment you might have been waiting for but.. I'm sorry to say this.


I haven't really settled down to find any hair loss treatment or cure for you yet. Hope you're not angry at me?

Here's why it seems like I'm delaying;

• A lot of people, just rush and prescribe something for you that won't certainly help you from being free from hair loss, all because they want to make money from you. As for me, I'm making sure I take proper research from experts I know, so they can prescribe drugs or products that would certainly help you at little to no cost.

Don't worry, I'll update this post when I find one that works very well but you will need to stay connected to this blog, in other to know when something new that will help treat or cure your hair loss problems enters this blog.

Hair loss can be a major problem surrounding millions of people from a very early age down to their old age but I think with this article you have been able to know what hair loss is, its causes, signs and how to prevent it. Its now left for you to do the needful which is trying to spot out some of these major errors leading to your hair loss.

Did you find this article interesting or better still, useful? If yes, it would be kind of you to share with others, the little you've been able to know and learn today.

I really appreciate, the time you spent in reading this article, I promise to reveal to you the best treatment or cure to your hair loss problems, once I'm done with finding the best for you.

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